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Dr Olu Taiwo

Dr Olu Taiwo is a senior lecturer in Outdoor Performance, Performing Arts Drama and Dance at the University of Winchester. He has a background in Fine art, physical theatre, and martial arts and has performed internationally in Tokyo, Slovenia, Holland and Edinburgh. He is currently exploring the relationships between ‘effort’, ‘performance’ and ‘performative actions’ in the context of transcultural identities. He has published in a range of edited collections including:

The Return Beat in Wood (Ed.): The Virtual Embodied. Routledge (1998),

Music, Art and Movement among the Yoruba: in Harvey (Ed.): Indigenous Religions Cassell (2000).


The Orishas: The Influence of the Yoruba Cultural Diaspora’ in Harvey and Thompson (Ed.) Indigenous Diasporas and Dislocations Ashgate (2005)


The Physical Journal: The living body that writes and rewrites itself: in Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon (Ed) Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies Writings of the Body in 21st Century Performance Palgrave Macmillan (2009).


An Avatar’s Broken Memory’: Body, Space & Technology, ISSN 1470-9120 is published in association with the School of Arts at Brunel University. (2011)

Art as Eudaimonia: Embodied identities and the Return beat in Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon (ed.), Identity, performance and technology: practices of empowerment, embodiment and technicity. Palgrave Macmillan. (2012)

The Dance of the Return Beat in Graham Harvey (ed.) Handbook about Animism, E.J. Brill (2013). 

Re-conceptualizing Street Arts in a Digital Age: Knowing the world through embodied cognition and social media

Mobile Digital Performance Lab explores ‘States of Mind’ (2015)

Urban Butoh: A performance philosophy in an age of digital acceleration; (2016)

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